Saturday, November 15, 2014

Vintage 1977 KISS T-Shirt

file under: classic

super rare original KISS glitter iron-on t-shirt
year: 1977
tag: no company name visible
material: 100% cotton
size: large
condition: perfect vintage
value: $300
note: I've had this piece in my collection for sometime now and honestly can't remember where or how I acquired it. If my memory serves me...I got this off eBay years ago before "vintage" became so popular and you could actually find great vintage t-shirts for affordable prices. ~ This particular t-shirt in my estimate is actually very rare because I don't think too many kids were able to convince mom and dad to write a check for $12.99 and send it in to the fan club address with your order form. It's a glitter iron-on that has really held up over the years. It was basically "dead-stock" or "new old stock" if you like when i first got it, consequently the glitter iron-on is perfectly intact. it was never worn and sat untouched for 37 years! i have worn it many times and hand-washed it probably 2-3 times. thinking about it now i kinda wished i hadn't and just kept it dead-stock like it was when it first arrived in my mailbox many years ago. O' well live and learn. a collector's piece like this is always worth way more if it's in mint, never used condition. ~ In 1977 KISS were at the peak of their success and had become a world-wide phenomenon! Scroll down a bit for some killer images of that crazy, awesome period in time when KISS ruled the world! 

In the streets of New York 1977

1977's "Love Gun" album cover art  

Early days backstage circa 1975

Onstage during 1977's "Love Gun" tour

Early promo shot outtake circa 1975

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