Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Who

file under: kicking off the 80's

rare original North American Tour t-shirt
year: 1980
tag: worn off
material: 50/50 cotton-polyester blend
condition: thrashed
value: $300
note: acquired from the original owner living in a small town in Northern Colorado. back-in-the-day she traveled over 400 miles round-trip in April of 1980 to see the band perform in Denver. clearly she loved The Who and this t-shirt which represented a once in a lifetime memory. 31 years later and it's worn paper thin. a little thrashed in the front from all those years of rubbing against a belt buckle. now a part of my collection where it will remain until the day i pass it along to the next collector. thanks Tonia!

The Who perform live in 1980

original 1980 tour program

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