Sunday, July 14, 2013

Original Punk Rock Vinyl Records (1st Pressing) 7"

file under: when punk was really punk

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A small sampling of ultra rare all original 1st pressing 7" vinyl records of the earliest days of punk rock from my personal collection.

Top row
999 - "Homicide" 1978 United Artists Records Ltd.
Black Flag - "Six Pack 1981 SST Records
Go-Go's - Go-Go's 1980 Stiff Records *(not even listed on Wikipedia)

Middle row:
The Clash - "Complete Control" 1977 CBS Records
Sex Pistols - "God Save the Queen" 1977 Virgin Records
X - "White Girl" 1980 Slash Records

Bottom row:
Dead Kennedys - "Holiday in Cambodia" 1980 IRS Records
Sex Pistols - "Anarchy in the U.K." 1977 Gutterbest Limited *(unauthorized pressing)
The Damned - "The Damned" (Date unknown) Scatter Brain Child Records *(Bootleg)

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